About SKII

About SKII

What We Do:

Structural Kinetic Institute for Innovations (SKII) serves the nation and its innovation needs by acting as the medium that independent inventors, innovators, and businesses use to take their products to a market that will benefit the most from it. SKII achieves this by identifying capability gaps and collaborating with different innovators to come up with unique patented solutions that are sustainable. We use our wide array of multidisciplinary experts to collaborate and provide solutions to previously identified capability gaps. These solutions will be tailored to have a significant impact on the target audience. 

The founders of SKII have started the SKII venture to be a platform where different innovators, inventors, creators, and small businesses come together to tailor solutions to complex challenges and meet the needs of the population at large. We focus on projects that can prove to be significantly impactful (like green energy and indoor air purification) by offering development strategies and services like conducting R&D, marketing management, consultations with field and multidisciplinary experts, and assistance in obtaining clearance from regulatory agencies.

Our Mission and Vision:

SKII’s mission is to empower innovators, inventors, creators, and small businesses by giving them the services, consultation, facilities, strategies, and all possible support needed to bring their product to a target audience that will benefit the most. We hope to achieve this through an unbiased approach towards innovation by utilizing our vast array of multidisciplinary experts. 

SKII’s vision is to create a world where all impactful innovations have a path to being accessed by people who can benefit from them.

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